Tapas originated in spain in the medieval times. the word tapa means “cover” and the story says barkeepers would place a small piece of bread, cheese,or cured meat over the top of the wine glass and serve to patrons. Basically a tapas is a small portion of food that accompanies and compliments your glass of wine or beer. IT is a way of life for the Spanish people as they sample savory meats, olives, cheeses, fish, anchovies or octopus marinated in olive oil and spices. Tapas have become a beloved culinary experience through out the world. As you step into a tapas style restaurant it is a social gathering, maybe music is played, and the atmosphere is welcoming. food is a very important part of the Spanish culture not just what you are eating but the sensitivity of how you eat, enjoy, share, and let the food evoke all your senses enriching the experience of dining and sharing food, laughs, stories, and more with friends, family, loved ones, and even strangers.