Tapas originated in Spain as a cover to a glass of wine in the medieval ages. Now popular all over the world, tapas can be found in nearly every Country’s culinary fare.


La MEdina is a World style Tapas restaurant. serving fresh already prepared wholesome and unique foods for appetizers or meals for lunchtime and dinner. It is in general self service at the service counter. If you would like to take home and enjoy wholesome nutritious foods inspired from around the world, We are unique and specialize in a variety of culinary flavors and delights. If you prefer to sit and enjoy the beautifully decorated space created by two artists in love, with passion for culture, food, and art, we are happy to accommodate you. However we are not the typical sit down, Menu, and order restaurant. Our hope is to offer many different options inspired by the worlds wonder and culture, with finest ingredients, a revolving MEnu with a creative flair. Recent items we have prepared are:

Chorizo, Salami, Proscuitto, Salmon Tapas on top of fresh baked bread from the good loaf, and homemade Aioli , Oyster Mushroom with eggplant, Braised Duck Tapas in red wine, Tamales, Paella with Chicken and sausage, Golumpki ( polish stuffed Cabbage), Palak Paneer, Dal Lentil, Moroccan Lentil soup, Indian Chicken Coconut stew, Thai Coconut Chicken and fish soup with Lemongrass, italian Style Fresh Cortecce Pasta with oyster mushrooms, Fresh Peruvian Ceviche, Chick peas and chorizo, Tortilla Española, Indian Chicken, ADobe Pork with sweet n sour red cabbage, Indian Samosas, Creme ala Couer, Baklava, Hot Chai Tea, Moroccan Mint Tea, Espresso, and Mango Lassi, tuna Sushi, Peruvian Causa, HAnd MAde TAcos, Smoked Salmon, Brazillian FEijoada style, MOroccan Lamb cooked Tagine, Curry vegetables

And there are many more exciting dishes we are thrilled to present to you. If you would like to know what the cook is making daily you can stop by or like us on Facebook and see what is special for the day, or call 603 213 6951. We hope to see you!!!!! Bon Appetite! Belle MAnge! BOa Comida! ANd GOd bless!